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Monday, May 01, 2006

Tour of the New Nited States

As you know, I have been planning a grand tour of this country to rejuvenate the massives of people out there. And to bring people from all over, and all walks of life, and their money to me.

However, due to budget constraints, I've had to shorten my tour of the U. S., and so I've combined the itinerary of the states, so'st I may visit them all in much less time. First, I'll stop off in Indiallinois, Ohiowa, Arkansahoma, Delasota, Florigon, Alabraskassippi, Nevatexico, and North, South, and West Virkotalina.

Then I'll take a bus through Maingia, Michimissoutah, Washconsinton, Connectichusetts, Vermontana, York Island, and Colorfornia.

And finally, I'll be hitchhiking through Wydahoming, Marylvania, Halaskii, Kentessee, New Hampizona, and Loujersiana.

Hope to see ya!


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